CCA Military Auscam Belt Comforter



CCA Military Auscam Belt Comforter


  • Designed to be worn inside the webbing belt to protect the wearers waist/hips area from items attached to or placed on the webbing belt. 
  • It is made from lightweight Canvas with foam padding and 4 loops 
  • Composition: Lightweight canvas. 25mm nylon webbing loops (khaki). 
  • Features: Attaches to the belt via 25mm nylon webbing loops and durables Wide padding for comfort. 
  • Other Information: Used to give support and comfort to the wearer when heavy loads are employed on the standard belt. 
  • Attaches quickly and easily to any belt from 50 to 57mm in width. 
  • Medium - 785mm x 110mm 
  • Large - 865mm x 110mm

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