Firefly Tritium Bivvy Kit Marker

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Firefly Tritium Bivvy Kit Marker



  • Bivvy Markers allow tent and bag zips to be seen 
  • located and operated by the occupants in darkness 
  • enabling immediate exit without sung electronic torches or chemical light sources. 
  • All Firefly Markers utilize self-powered GTLS continuously illuminated light sources to provide reliable means of locating routes, positions and equipment in darkness. 
  • Firefly Markers are durable and simple, designed for easy deployment and retrieval, to enhance safety in darkness. 
  • Markers are supplied in blister packs, each with a data card providing useful information. 
  • Compact and durable. Fitted with a split-ring for easy, 
  • secure attachment. 
  • Suitable for marking bivvy zip-pullers and small items. 
  • Nine colour options.

Dimensions: 9.0 x20.0mm
Weight: 3.0g