Royal Australian Infantry Corps 75th Medallion in Box

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RAinf 75th Medallion in Box

Celebrate a remarkable 75 years of Valour, sacrifice, and unwavering service with the Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Royal Australian Infantry Medallion. This exceptional commemorative piece is a testament to the storied history of the Royal Australian Infantry Corps (RAinf), honouring their journey through the ages.

A Legacy Forged in Time:

Established on December 14, 1948, the RAinf has proudly defended Australia's freedom and security for three-quarters of a century. The medallion's outer rim bears the inscription "Royal Australian Infantry Corps" at the top and "75th Anniversary – 14 Dec 2023" at the bottom, echoing the long-standing commitment of these brave warriors.

Honouring Three Monarchs:

Within the medallion's inner circle, the names "George VI 1948-52," "Elizabeth II 1952-2022," and "Charles III 2022" serve as a poignant reminder of the three monarchs who have presided over the RAinf during their illustrious history. Their reigns reflect the passage of time and the enduring service of this esteemed corps.

Frontline Symbolism:

The obverse of the medallion showcases the RAinf's three-dimensional current insignia in gold, set beneath the regal St. Edward's (Queen's) Crown. This symbolizes the corps' unwavering commitment to protecting Australia, blending tradition with modernity in defence of the nation.

A Glimpse into History:

Turn to the reverse, and you'll find a three-dimensional replica of the original 1948-53 badge in resplendent gold, a nod to the RAinf's foundational years and the courageous individuals who paved the way for today's heroes.

Exquisite Presentation:

Each Limited-Edition Medallion is meticulously crafted, measuring 50mm in diameter with a substantial 4.5mm thickness. Minted from a brass alloy and expertly finished in highly polished silver and gold, it exudes opulence and significance. The medallion is encased in a sturdy clear protector and presented in a quality leatherette gift case


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