About Us

Welcome to Cadetshop - the online shop for Military, Cadet, Camping and Adventure supplies.

Cadetshop is tailored to meet the needs of Air Force, Army and Navy Cadets and has ministerial approval to retail Australian Defence Force Cadet (ADFC) Uniform items. One of our aims is to assist promoting the Australian Defence Force Cadets to the Community. We believe that the ADFC delivers excellent outcomes and experiences to young Australians and as a company we are proud to assist the ADFC wherever possible.

We are more than just another on-line disposal store. All of our products are new, not used, and are backed by our guarantee. We offer a range of tailored products varying in price to meet any budget. From tent pegs to service medals and everything in between, if we don’t have it, we will do our best to source it for you. We offer a range of products that appeal to the military community and the general public, including Field and Adventure equipment, Training Aids, Uniform Items, Promotional products, Awards and Medals. We are gradually expanding our product range to ensure we continue to meet your needs. If there is something you think we should stock, please let us know.


Cadetshop Pty Ltd was established in April 2005 with the aim of providing a service to the Australian Defence Force Cadets. Cadetshop Pty Ltd is a Queensland based company in Australia that operates globally, distributing accoutrements and equipment to a variety of customers including, Government, Corporate and Individual buyers. Our History In 2004, the founders of the company had a desire to promote the Australian Defence Force Cadets to the wider community and to support the individual cadet unit commanders and managers by providing a one-stop shop for their units and individual cadets. On the 12th April 2005 Cadetshop Pty Ltd was established as a company and the vision of the founders began to turn into a reality. Although still a young company the support that Cadetshop was given by ADFC units and individuals resulted in an exponential growth. This growth enabled Cadetshop to provide a greater level of service, wider product selection, and ultimately better support to the ADFC.

Over the course of the first five years, Cadetshop started with a limited product selection, principally focusing on Rank Insignia and Name Tags. Over the proceeding years, expansion in the field equipment market enabled cadets and military personnel in remote areas of Australia and abroad, to be able to access equipment and supplies without having to travel to a physical store. We have also been able to expand our promotional/corporate products, medals, and clothing.

Our continued growth has enabled us to deliver items such as Mess Dress Boards and accoutrements to the AAFC. This was a major investment that was only possible due to the support received by our customers. Over the years, Cadetshop has had the privilege of being a supplier of products to International Sporting events, Major Stage Productions in New South Wales, Federal and State Government Agencies, and most of all, the Cadets of the Australian Defence Force Cadets.

In 2013, Cadetshop moved to its first showroom location at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast Queensland where we were open to the public. We quickly outgrew that store and in 2015 moved to our current warehouse & showroom at Burleigh Heads Queensland. We have now have a larger showroom and premises to meet the growing needs of our clients. 

Our Future

Cadetshop will continue to support the ADFC wherever possible and understands the unique situation that many ADFC Officers and Instructors find themselves in. We are striving to offer a service, that delivers on quality and price as well as providing various options to individual customers. Our focus will always be on supporting the ADFC through our business.