Cadetshop Network Collaboration

Are you looking to make some income for your unit or yourself?

When you collaborate with us and join our Network team, you / your unit gets paid for every purchase your customer makes from Cadetshop.  Our Network Team is set up so that you or your unit can earn commissions from any sales that are made with the referral link you provide your customer. 

Its a way of fundraising for your unit or group. Its a way of having your own Cadetshop and getting a benefit from kitting out your cadets or team with the right gear. 

Our Network Collaboration Program has two options; 

For individuals and content creators Sign Up / Login Here

For Unit Leaders looking to fundraise for their group Sign Up / Login Here 

Compared with the average potential profit from selling a box of fundraising chocolates at $20.00 a box, collaborating with Cadetshop is easier, relevant and much less stress on the people fundraising. The big plus however is that our fundraising source is ongoing rather than a one event like a raffle or chocolate drive.

Individual collaborator commission rates are competitive with Amazon and other programs. Amazon commissions range from 2% - 12% depending on the type of product. 

If you are a social media content creator and produce images, reviews, or videos we will provide you with tailored and specific benefits depending on Cadetshops needs and objectives. Reach out to us via email and identify the gear you want to review or use to create your content.  

All of the support materials and guides are provided in your admin portal after your account is authorised.