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All humangear Stax is a modular system of watertight stacking containers that click together with a simple, quick 180-degree twist for effortless organization. Each container features its own leak-tight lid, and there’s a removable ClipHandle on top. Take one, take a bunch — it’s your stuff, take what you want.

While all humangear Stax sets can be used in infinite ways, we did design the extra-large with some special features that make it a great EatSystem — for taking your lunch to the office, going on a picnic, or just having a convenient on-the-go system for enjoying your breakfast, lunch, or dinner wherever you might be. The extra-large set comes with a set of GoBites Click utensils (fork and spoon). This set of utensils telescopes out to form comfortable utensils for everyday use but also slides down into easy-to-store utensils. This set fits in the special utility tray included in the extra-large set. This tray is also great for sauce packets, napkins, or any other small items you might need. The extra-large set also comes with the standard ClipHandle that allows for easy carrying and attaching your stacking set of containers onto the outside of a backpack or bag. We’ve also included two containers in this set—this way you can keep, say, your salad separate from your soup. Finally, the containers are rounded at the bases in the same shape as a GoBites spoon for easy scraping.


  • Containers and lids are made from an FDA food-safe #5 PP
  • Containers all click together and open/close with a simple 180-degree twist
  • Lids have silicone gaskets for superior sealing
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave-safe containers
  • Lids click onto container bases to help stop them getting lost
  • Cylindrical form factor slips easily into pockets, water bottle holders, etc.
  • Easy-clean thanks to the heavily rounded container bases
  • ClipHandle securely attaches to a backpack


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