Royal Australian Regiment 75th Anniversary Lapel Pin

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RAR 75th Anniversary Lapel Pin

Celebrate 75 Years of valour with the Royal Australian Regiment Lapel Pin. In honour of the Royal Australian Regiment's (RAR) remarkable 75-year journey, we proudly present the 75th Anniversary Royal Australian Regiment Lapel Pin. This exquisite lapel pin is a testament to the RAR's legacy of courage, honour, and unwavering service. Founded on November 23, 1948, the RAR has been a pillar of strength in Australia's military history. For three-quarters of a century, this illustrious regiment has defended our nation's values and safeguarded our freedom. The lapel pin features the finely cut-out RAR insignia in antique brass, resplendent with St. Edward's (Queen's) Crown. This iconic design pays homage to the RAR's steadfast commitment and its enduring role in Australia's defence. Adding to the pin's elegance is an additional scroll that proudly proclaims "75th Anniversary," encapsulating the significance of this historic occasion. This badge serves as a tangible representation of the RAR's enduring dedication. The lapel pin is thoughtfully presented on a 75th anniversary presentation card, making it a perfect gift or keepsake. This card not only enhances the pin's appeal but also provides a brief glimpse into the RAR's rich history and its pivotal role in shaping our nation's defence. This lapel pin is more than just an accessory; it's a symbol of respect and appreciation for the sacrifices and triumphs of generations of RAR soldiers. Whether you are a serving member, a veteran, or a proud Australian, wearing this lapel pin is a way to show your support for the RAR and to commemorate their extraordinary 75-year journey. Join us in celebrating the remarkable history of the RAR by wearing the 75th Anniversary Royal Australian Regiment Lapel Pin with pride. It's not just a pin; it's a tribute to the spirit of dedication that has defined the RAR for 75 years.


  • Colour: Antique Brass
  • Material: Metal alloy
  • Size: 25mm


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