Air Force Dress Requirements Manual of Dress Medals Ceremonial

Air Force Dress Manual

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This manual is a rewrite of the previous AAP 5135.003 – Manual of Dress following a review of Air Force uniform requirements. This manual incorporates updates to ensure the Air Force uniform remains contemporary.

This manual describes how and when items of uniform are worn, so should be read in conjunction with Air Force Clothing Policy and Entitlements Manual (AFCPEMAN) that details policy, administrative procedures and entitlements relevant to the issue and sale of the Air Force uniform.

The Air Force Dress Manual is to be interpreted as a positive instruction, meaning if a situation is not specified in this manual, it is therefore prohibited. The manual does not attempt to list the infinite variations of what may not be done.

The General Purpose Uniform transition period is until 01 January 2019 and some of the images in this manual show older items of dress (eg brown safety boots) still being worn. These images will be updated in future amendments.

Members of the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) are authorised to wear items of Air Force uniform, in accordance with the AAFC dress policy which is subordinate, to the Air Force Dress Manual.

This manual replaces all previous versions of AAP 5135.003 – Manual of Dress.

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