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  • Emboidered Ribbon Bars

    Emboidered Ribbon Bars

    Custom Embroidered Ribbon Bar Patches  We produce custom embroidered patches of your ribbon bars. Our high quality fast turn around service is second to none.  Made in Australia, our ribbon...
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  • Mess Boards: Hard Board Rank Insignia

    Mess Boards: Hard Board Rank Insignia

    Cadetshop Mess Board Rank Insignia are custom made in Australia and meets all required specifications. Our hard board mess dress rank insignia are superior quality and can be supplied in...
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  • SMLE .303 Drill Manual

    SMLE .303 Drill Manual

    We often get asked if we have an old copy of various resource material. In particular .303 drill manuals and such. Find a link below to the AAC Cadet Instructors...
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  • The Pace Stick

    The Pace Stick

      The pace stick, a vital symbol of authority and discipline in the Commonwealth military forces, holds a rich tapestry of history and tradition. Primarily associated with the Army, this...
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  • Webbing Options

    Webbing Options

      Webbing Assortment Options We stock a variety of brands and interoperable pieces of load bearing webbing and tactical field gear. The days where webbing was one standard option with...
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  • The Rising Sun

    The Rising Sun

    The Rising Sun hat badge is a symbol of pride and honour within the Australian Army, with its origins steeped in history. The origin of the badge stems from when...
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  • All Weather NoteBooks

    All Weather NoteBooks

    All Weather Notebooks: A Necessity for Survival Rite in the Rain is a brand of notebooks that are perfect for anyone who wants to stay organised and prepared for any...
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  • Gear Review - Helinox Camp Chair

    Gear Review - Helinox Camp Chair

    Helinox Chair One This tactical style chair is fantastic. Chair One's comfort is legendary, and with its ability to move easily from backpacking trips to music festivals to days at...
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  • Military Operations on Fraser Island

    Military Operations on Fraser Island

    The Cadetshop team took an expedition to Fraser Island recently to check out a unique part of Australian Military History and explore the relics left behind from WWII. We also had the...
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  • Queens Colours

    Queens Colours

    The different ceremonial flags (generically termed 'Colours') of the Australian Defence Force, are a Services' most cherished possession.  They arc the embodiment of Service traditions, achievements and history.  Colours are...
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