Webbing Options

Webbing Options


Webbing Assortment Options

We stock a variety of brands and interoperable pieces of load bearing webbing and tactical field gear. The days where webbing was one standard option with a harness, bum bag, ammo pouches etc are gone. You can customise your platform to suit what you want and even change it up depending on your mission or operations. 

The harness and MOLLE belt become the backbone for you to build out your kit to what suits you. You can even use different brands together and if things get sticky you can use the Wedgetail Load Bearing Adjustable D ring to perfect the fit. 

Here are some of the options we put together as an example


Arrangement 1: Heavy Duty Combat Options

  • SORD Load Bearing Harness
  • SORD Modular MOLLE Belt
  • SORD Pouch (Assortment) 



Arrangement 2: Padded Semi Traditional 

  • Rothco Load Bearing Harness
  • Rothco Battle Belt MOLLE
  • Wedgetail Load Bearing Belt - Australian Made
  • Rothco Pouch (Assortment)



Arrangement 3 - Semi Traditional 

  • TAS Load Bearing Harness
  • Wedgetail Double Belt Comforter - Australian Made
  • Wedgetail Load Bearing Belt - Australian Made 
  • Wedgetail Load Adjustable D Rings - Australian Made
  • TAS Pouch (Assortment) 



Arrangement 4 - Lightweight Belt Only


  • Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt MOLLE
  • Tasmanian Tiger Pouch (Assortment) 



Arrangement 5 - Mix and Match Interoperability 

  • SORD Load Bearing Harness
  • Valhalla CQB Belt MOLLE
  • Tasmanian Tiger Belt 
  • Tasmanian Tiger and SORD Pouch (Assortment) 


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