Mess Boards: Hard Board Rank Insignia

Mess Boards: Hard Board Rank Insignia

Cadetshop Mess Board Rank Insignia are custom made in Australia and meets all required specifications. Our hard board mess dress rank insignia are superior quality and can be supplied in bulk or on an individual basis. 

Cadetshop provides Mess Boards and has in stock for delivery the following ranks;

  • Cadet Warrant Officer 
  • Cadet Under Officer 
  • Sergeant (AAFC) 
  • Flight Sergeant (AAFC) 
  • Warrant Officer (AAFC) 
  • Pilot Officer (AAFC)
  • Flying Officer (AAFC) 
  • Flight Lieutenant (AAFC)
  • Wing Commander (AAFC)
  • Group Captain (AAFC) 

Other ranks or configurations can be made on request within the requirements of the relevant policies.

Our on site tailor can affix your epaulette button to your jacket / shirt if required. 

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