Gear Review - Sleeping Mats and Bags

Gear Review - Sleeping Mats and Bags

Our team had the opportunity to field test some of our gear recently, heres the run down on the sleeping gear we used and road tested.

Sea to Summit Camp Plus Sleeping Mat

The Sea to Summit Camp Plus Self Inflating Sleeping Mat is an incredible piece of camping equipment that offers comfort, lightweight portability, and reliable performance. Its self-inflation technology is incredibly convenient and easy to use. Simply open the valve and let the foam fill up with air until it's fully inflated - no pump or extra effort required. The mattress is constructed using Exkin Platinum technology, which reflects body heat back to you for a better sleep and even temperature distribution across the entire surface. It also has a durable polyester cover that's resistant to tears and wear-and-tear, ensuring years of use in all kinds of conditions. 



The Camp Plus Self Inflating sleeping mat is also a great choice for those looking to reduce their overall pack weight. It weighs in at just over 1kg, making it one of the lightest camping mattresses on the market today. Overall, this is an excellent sleeping mat choice that offers unbeatable comfort and performance, plus the convenience of self-inflation technology.

We tested this mat in the field for two nights and found that it was thick enough to stop any contact with the ground. It was a little narrow but if you didn't roll around too much you stayed on it just fine. 

Highly recommended 

Sea to Summit Camp Mat SI 

The Sea to Summit Camp mat SI sleeping mat is a camping equipment product meant to provide you with extra comfort and support during your outdoor adventures.

This mat would be ideal on as extra padding on a camp cot or for light weight bodies. At 3.5cm thickness it was not quiet thick enough to provide comfort with direct contact on the ground. 


Snugpak Elite 3

Experience unparalleled warmth and comfort with Snugpak's premier military sleeping bag. This extraordinary bag features an extendable panel for added width, but if you have a broad chest and upper body, it will still prevent you from rolling around. However, that's precisely the intention – it's designed to provide a snug fit! Without a doubt, this military sleeping bag is truly exceptional





Valhalla Nightwalker II

These bags are all round great. They are a fair price for a top notch sleeping bag. We didnt find much use for the arm ports but we can certainly see where they might be useful. Theres been a tonne of positive feedback about the Nightwalker range including the sub zero rated bags being used on exercises at Duntroon in winter. So these get a big thumbs up.  





Sportz Trek Self Inflating Pillow

 Theres no denying that a pillow can make the difference between a good night sleep in the field waking up refreshed or waking up fatigued. To get this one working right we had to wrap it in clothing so it didnt slide around under your head or under the sleeping bag hood. 

It packs up small and is better than just rolling up a jumper or something and sleeping on that but you might want to make sure you use it with something else to get it really comfortable. 

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