Navy Dress Manual

Navy Dress Manual

1 This publication prescribes Royal Australian Navy uniform and orders of dress and provides detailed instructions for the wearing of uniforms (and civilian clothing in certain circumstances) by members of the Permanent Navy and the Naval Reserve, and personnel granted approval to wear uniform in accordance with this publication.

2 These uniform instructions are to be used as a guide for the wearing of uniform by members of the Australian Navy Cadets in conjunction with Australian Book of Reference (ABR) 5128—Policy and Operating Instructions Manual for the Australian Navy Cadets.

3 This publication is to be interpreted as positive instructions, meaning if a situation is not specified in the publication, it is therefore prohibited; however, elements of this publication provide specific direction to the reader.

4 In this publication any reference to a male applies also to a female unless otherwise specified; reference to a ‘member’ or ‘personnel’ applies to both males and females.

5 In this publication any reference to the Permanent Navy applies to Officers appointed to, and Sailors enlisted as, SERCAT 6-7. Any reference to the Naval Reserve applies to Officers appointed to, and Sailors enlisted as, SERCAT 2-5. Naval Reserve personnel engaged under SERVOP C (Service Option Continuous Full Time Service) are considered Permanent Navy unless otherwise specified.

6 Should further clarification be required for any matter relating to Royal Australian Navy uniforms, formal advice is to be sought from the Navy Uniforms section of the Directorate of Navy Logistic Support within the Navy Logistics Branch.


Navy Dress Manual can be read here 

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