Webbing Assembly and Options - AMC

Webbing Assembly and Options - AMC

Our Webbing Demo Set Up. 

The new range of TAS modular pouches and webbing is now available in AMC - Australian style Multi Cam. This includes a load bearing harness, Minimi pouches, water canteen pouches, butt pack and other assorted pouches. 

We have an assembled kit in store to have look at with a few different options on display. The new harness is the same style as TAS Auscam Harness, but is now in AMC. 


The harness has 4 front straps and 4 rear straps that attach to D rings on the front pouch you select and the D rings on the rear pack. Theres a drag handle and ladder loc clips on the front. The rear straps are secured using tri glides. 

To build your webbing this harness along with the belt and provide the backbone to then expand and customise your kit. 

We have assembled this set up with the Wedgetail Mil Spec combat belt thats made in Australia. The belt, aside from being a piece of  kit that will last a life time needs to withstand the equipment being loaded onto it and the subsequent forces of movement acting on it over a life time. For that reason we believe the Mil Spec belt is by far the right choice for any set up. Moreover, the Wedgetail belt comes in so many sizes that it will fit the smallest to the biggest waist. 


Accompanying the belt we selected the AMC Wedgetail Australian made belt comforter. The Mil Spec Australian made webbing belt goes hand in glove with the Wedgetail belt comforter and is double sized with tapered corners for ease of movement and maximum comfort. Made using Mil spec materials the comforter contains superior durable long lasting closed cell material and is designed with the same variety of sizing available that makes the Australian Made Belt and Comforter the essential building block for your webbing to fit you perfectly. 

Now your webbing kit is ready to be tailored to your operational needs. You can select any pouch arrangement you like that suit your size and requirements. Obviously the smaller the waist the less you can fit. 

The setup in our store has been kitted out with the TAS Butt Pack. 



The AMC Butt Pack by TAS has three D rings that the rear straps of the TAS Harness come down and connect to. When you fix the Butt Pack to the Belt the Harness straps support the pack which in turn holds the belt and belt pad. Only two of the three D rings are used on our set up. The straps holding the Butt Pack come down through the D ring and weave back through the Tri Glide clip. The height can be adjusted to suit you torso length. 

With the Butt Pack situated directly in the centre at the back its time to decide on the rest the of the arrangement. We have demonstrated a couple of possibilities in store. The first of which is a Left and Right Canteen carrier by TAS along with Minimi Pouches. The second is using the TAS Medic Pouch and a Wedgetail D Ring custom attachment. 


Here we can see the Right side TAS AMC Water canteen in between the TAS Butt Pack and TAS Minimi Pouch at the front. 


The TAS Minimi pouch comes with three D ring attachments so you can secure the front straps of the TAS Harness to the Minimi Pouch and with the Minimi Pouch secured to the belt and comforter it all sits perfect and is supported. 

We have only used one of the two right hand front straps for demonstration purposes. The front straps on the harness use a ladder lock system so can be adjusted easily for comfort or to take the kit off and put back on. 

The left hand set up has provided an opportunity to demonstrate how you can customise your Webbing with pouches and gear that don't carry D rings. We have used the TAS Medic pouch which is a perfect size for small first aid kits or other small items. 


The Wedgetail Combat Load Bearing Adjustable D Ring (LAD) provides the support and connection from the front straps on the TAS harness which in turn allows pouches and accessories to be used around your Webbing set up that dont have D Rings like the Minimi Pouch and Butt Pack. In fact you could swap out all of the pouches shown for any combination and use the Wedgetail LAD connections as the primary connection mechanism. 

The Wedgetail Combat Load Bearing Adjustable D Ring (LAD) made with Mil Spec materials right here in Australia is the strongest and most durable connector. This small piece of equipment opens the door for your webbing to be fully custom to suit you and your budget. 

When you drop by check out how we have this AMC gear set up and think about how you could incorporate our wide variety of military and tactical pouches from Tasmanian Tiger, Platatac, Valhalla, TAS and Rothco. 

The items used in this demonstration are; 

TAS 8pt Harness - AMC

Wedgetail Military Webbing Belt

Wedgetail Belt Pad - AMC

TAS Butt Pack - AMC

TAS Water Canteen Holder - AMC

TAS Minimi Pouch - AMC

Wedgetail Combat Load Bearing Adjustable D Ring 

TAS Medic Pouch AMC 


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