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What to take on your first Bivouac

Typically at this time of year we spend a lot of time talking to parents and new cadets about what to organise and take on their first Bivouac or Field Exercise. Wanting everything thats possible to take can get quite expensive if your just starting out in Cadets so here are some of our basic suggestions; 

* Sleeping Bag

* Ground Sheet

* Hootchie

* Hootchie Chord

* Cooker

* Cups Canteen

* Notebook

* Notebook Cover

* Webbing Belt

* Water Canteen

* Canteen Pouch

*Personal Items

There are some really good lists compiled by various units around as well. Heres a few of the ones we have found relating to the AAFC so if you have any lists for the AAC please feel free to post them. 



Training PPT


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