Collar Badge Naval Police Coxswain Senior Sailor

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Collar Badge Naval Police Coxswain Black. Perfectly sized, this badge has embroidered details ready for wear. 

Made in Australia 

RAN Category Badges

The Naval Police Coxswain (NPC) is a highly sought-after role in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The NPC provides security and police services to ships, bases and other establishments of the RAN. This important role requires individuals who are physically fit, have excellent communication skills and can think on their feet. They are responsible for responding quickly to any incidents on board or ashore that may require law enforcement action. NPCs must also be able to maintain good order and discipline among personnel while performing their duties with professionalism and integrity at all times. Becoming an NPC requires dedication, hard work, commitment and a willingness to learn new skills as well as adapt existing ones in order to ensure the safety of both personnel and assets within the Navy.


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