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Navy Sword with Below Flag Rank Scabbard (Windlass S/Steel)

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Over 200 years of military history are reflected in this unique Windlass stainless steel sword, order now from the military specialists. While the first Royal Navy pattern sword was issued to officers in 1805, the impressive but impractical design led to it being superseded by a solid-hilt design in 1827 before a standardised blade was adopted in 1846. The current single-edged straight blade became standard issue in 1929. The Royal Navy Sword today carried by Commissioned Officers features a gold-plated brass hilt, white fish-skin grip and a distinctive and elegant brass lion pommel. The blade's unique hinged-guard mechanism folds down to engage with a pin on the scabbard top mount, fixed at 90 degrees to the guard's bottom face. A spring attached to the tang will spring load the fall down to lock the sword to the rawhide and gold-plated brass scabbard. The scabbard design denotes Below Flag Rank.
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