Military Parade Shoes and Polish

How to Polish Military Parade Shoes


Easy step-to-step guide to how to polish your shoes:

Instructions below…

1) Boil your kettle – remember to add water to it first!

2) Acquire kiwi black parade gloss shoe polish.

3) Acquire toothbrush. With it apply shoe polish to the rims of the shoes- the rubber bit where all the dust gathers! So it looks nice and black.

4) Acquire a soft clean cloth…like a duster that hasn’t been used or equivalent. 

5) Now put boiled water in a small dish/mug/egg cup etc

6) Wrap cloth around pointing finger with the cloth smooth over the pad of the finger.

7) Dip finger in water and apply slight water to cloth covered finger- do not soak it!

8) Now put damp cloth finger into parade gloss and put small amount of polish onto it.

9) Now get your shoe and make small circles over the toe of the shoe.

10) Continue to apply polish in this manner from step 5 to 8. 1

11) After toe has high shine make sure the rest of the shoe is also polished to shine but not as shiny as the toe. 

12) Continue to polish shoes regularly to keep up the shine.

13) Admire your nice shoes! -If you want to strip your shoes, ie, get all the polish of your shoes and start from scratch, the best way to do this is to put your shoes over a gas stove ( Be careful not to burn your shoe while doing this! ). This will melt most of the polish off your shoes.

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