Military Combat Integrated Load Bearing Webbing Harness

Military Combat Integrated Load Bearing Webbing Harness

Military, Cadets, Hunting, Gel Blater Milsim people - are looking for a more efficient way to carry your gear? Make sure to check out the improved and new Australian Made webbing harnesses that are now available thanks to Wedgetail Products. These upgraded designs feature state-of-the-art technology such as lightweight materials, enhanced breathability, extra securing points and latest Multi cam style pattern. Professional servicemen know that having high quality equipment makes all the difference - so why not give yourself an upgrade today.

Wedgetail has taken the design and made it even better using lightweight heavy duty EVA closed cell foam, 500D cordura fabric, Milspec Webbing straps, Milspec buckles all held together with the strongest Nylon threads. This gear is Light ! This gear is Strong! 

There’s space for carrying a Bivvi Bag, Foam Mat, or Hoochie. Plenty of room for pouches and holders. Two D rings on the front straps for securing items you need at hand. 



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